Carnegie Mellon University Makes Sense for Robotic and Artificial Intelligence Engineers

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For those who are considering a career in robotics or artificial intelligence it might make sense to take a good hard look at Carnegie Mellon University as a possible option. There are many great schools for such things and of course perhaps MIT comes to mind, as well it should, however I am seeing some very good things coming out of Carnegie Mellon University.
Other interesting options include Stanford, Berkeley, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and Cal Tech. The reason I like Carnegie Mellon is the many contracts they have received and recent grants for funding. The United States Military has them working on full-scale robotic convoys and trucks to operate in the new paradigm of the net-centric battlespace and they are also heavily involved in the manufacturing side of robotics for business applications.
These are just some of the reasons why I believe when choosing a robotic school or University, which has a very strong artificial intelligence program you need to look at why Carnegie Mellon University tops the list. Additionally if you will go to their website and look at their many programs and research and just look at some of the pictures of projects and read some of the many white papers online you will agree with me that they are truly on the cutting edge. So, consider all this in 2006.
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